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Conference goals

Achieving the goals of comprehensive scientific country map in the field of art, architecture and urbanism requires the opening of new science and art and Technology based on the values of sustainable architecture in Iran is committed to the realization of art and Iranian and Islamic architecture. Undoubtedly, achieving these goals requires creation of foundations and structures needed and also also scientific conference holding is to achieve a comprehensive scientific map has been clarified.

Since scientific conferences an appropriate context for publication and presentation of scientific achievements provided and Opportunity to review the findings in the scientific community loses, To achieve on such goals in recognizing art, architecture, technology and Islamic-Iranian urbanism we decided to hold a series of conferences art, architecture and applied in order to achieve the following objectives take action.

Conference goals

  • Benefit from global experience in the field   Architectural road criteria and And localizing and using them to Codification Design Criteria (Road Landscape).
  • Provide practical solutions comparative studies on Road Landscape.
  • Combining dimensions (Represents of) diverse involved in the organizing the Road Landscape.
  • Incorporating Landscape road norms and values of urban habitations
  • Promotion, transfer and development of indigenous technologies and new in field   Landscape road
  • Provide new and effective methods in the realization pattern of Engineering indigenous and Islamic-Iranian architecture
  • The production of knowledge, creating a suitable platform for presenting the latest News and scientific and research findings related
  • And research and training programs and workshops in the field of localization, Technology and Architecture and Landscape road by integrating education with research and skill The main features pattern of system Science and Technology and Innovation Is The comprehensive scientific map, In order to achieve the goals set have been