Some of the specialized axes conference that the priority are as follows:

main axes

Comparative Study on roads' Architecture and  Landscape  regulations

(Organize domains Gateway of the city (gateway

Route selection

Platform physics road

According to signs, monuments and  buildings located on the Border of road Platform

Sustainability and  roads' Landscape

roads and their Landscapes' management and Planning 

roads' Architecture and  Landscape  Pathology

Architecture and the intercity  road Landscape in iran

Evaluation criteria and guidelines and Architecture and the Landscape roads


Other Linked axes

Architecture & urbanism

Recognition of architecture, technology and urbanism of  Islamic-Iranian

importance of technology usage in roads' modern architecture

Indigenous technologies in the fields of Architecture and Landscape road

Comparative studies and the roads architectural

Architecture and the smart cities of the future

Architecture, design and the planning in the field road

sustainability concepts and sustainable development in architecture and road Landscape 

Smart Management System Architecture and the Landscape road


Civil engineering

Highway design and function elements: signs, traffic cameras

Visual pollution and its impact on the Human Performance

Geometric design of roads and landscape effects

Roads and Highways furniture as an integral part of localization architecture

Context sensitive design of  roads and highways

Numerical methods in transport Engineering

costruction Management

Roads and Transport

Engineering tunnel for urban and nonurban areas.

Transportation Engineering

Mapping, geodesy and the Geomatics

Safety, crisis management and passive defense in engineering

Modern technology in costruction material and roads Industrialization 

Computers and artificial intelligence in Road and transport engineering

Application Engineering Geology In Civil Engineering and Geophysics in road construction

GIS systems with emphasis on their application in engineering

And other axes related to the fields of  roads  In Architecture and Civil .